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Law Town is a network of Lawyers and Paralegals which enables you to locate a legal representative in any court at any time in seconds.

  • Find Lawyers and Paralegals in any Court at any time
  • Increase sub-contract revenue
  • Make new contacts across North America
  • You're connected with every member
  • Upload your Court schedule

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How To Find A Lawyer/Paralegal

Locate an agent in three easy steps after you've registered:
  1. Choose Court
  2. Choose Service
  3. Choose Date and Time
  4. You will be provided with a list of agents who are attending court that day.

Share your Court Schedule for Increased Revenue*

  1. Update you Court List
    • Pick the services you provide
    • Select the Court you attend
    • Enter the tier times for the Courts you attend
  2. Choose Availability
    • Select month or day view
    • Select Date, Court, and click on the Time
    • Automatically saves
  3. Choose Block to share or restrict access of your availability
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